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Khanderi Fort

Built in 1678, this magnificent fort rests on an island, which is 3-4 km into the sea and has a lighthouse right beside it. Constructed before the Colonial rule it was handed over to the british as part of the Peshwa territory. Today the fort is under the Bombay Port Trust Administration, whose permission is required to visit the premises.

Kolaba Fort

Built by the great Shivaji Maharaj, this fort is located on a small island which is about 2 km into the sea. This fort has been around for over 300 years and can be visited during low tide. The fort houses a sweet water and has several carvings of peacocks, elephants and tigers among other animals on its walls. A entry fee is collected for visits by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Undheri Fort

Just about 300 metres away from Khanderi fort, this is also an island fort. Built by Siddi Qasam in 1680, it has changed hands from the Siddis to Peshwas to Angres and even the British. The island that this fort is located on doesn’t have a jetty, so you’ll have to visit it by hiring a local fishing boat.

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