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Mandwa Beach

This beach is located 20 km north of Alibag and can be reached by ferry services from Mumbai to Mandawa jetty. Mandwa is a natural port and has several designer bungalows that are owned by Bollywood celebrities.The beach here stands up to its reputation with clear blue skies and a spectacular view that goes as far as the Gateway of India. The village has a charm of its own with several groves of coconut palms and other trees.

Rewas Jetty

Located roughly about 23 km from Alibag, this jetty is famous and important for Mumbai Launch services. Several tourists travelling to Mumbai use the Rewas Jetty’s launch services to travel. This jetty is a favourite weekend retreat to many of the rich and the famous who have their bungalows on the beaches. Visited by several tourists, the Uran beach can be sighted from the jetty of this beach.

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